Who Are We

Las Vegas Public Radio represents the people of Las Vegas, Nevada. To make KIOF 97.9 FM possible, a corporate structure had to be established.

Any great business needs to have great leaders who interact with the public on a regular basis.

Our Business
Las Vegas Public Radio is an independent broadcast media radio service operating by, "We the people of Las Vegas, Nevada".

Corporate Citizenship
Local Community Radio is powerful. Local content is our passion. And at Las Vegas Public Radio, we take our role as an engine for progress to heart. When we consider how we can become better corporate citizens, our commitment to community solutions drives us to find new ways to tackle old problems.

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Our Web Portal offers users the possibility to learn more about Las Vegas Public Radio's organization and to navigate the site in order to learn more about specific areas and programmatic themes. It also serves as a channel to link visitors to Las Vegas Public Radio specialized content and community based out-reach, which are of interest to many in the community.