This agreement is made this  day of , 20 between KIOF-LP, P.O. Box 34313, Las Vegas, NV 89133-4313 (Tel: 702-425-4088) and:

Radio Station KIOF-LP ("the Station") is licensed to Las Vegas, Nevada and is authorized by the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") to operate its noncommercial broadcast station on an assigned frequency of 97.9 MHz. The licensee of the Station is Las Vegas Public Radio Inc. Pursuant to the rules and regulations of the FCC, the parties to this agreement acknowledge that the Station is permitted to broadcast underwriting and sponsorship announcements from for-profit entities, but is not permitted to broadcast commercial advertisements by for-profit entities. (In the event the above-referenced Merchant is a bona fide non-profit entity, the Station is permitted to broadcast commercial advertisements on behalf of the Merchant.)

Merchant desires to broadcast certain underwriting spots in conformity with this Agreement and all rules, regulations and policies of the FCC and/or Merchant desires to schedule non-broadcast promotional advertising with the Station.

Broadcast Schedule

For value received, (Merchant) agrees to pay, and the Station agrees to broadcast underwriting announcements as follows:

Non-Broadcast Promotional Advertising

For value received, Merchant agrees to pay, and the Station agrees to execute non-broadcast promotional advertising as follows:

Fees and Assumed Costs

 Dollars ($) per announcement for a total of  Dollars ($) and  Dollars ($) for non-broadcast promotional advertising for a grand total of  Dollars ($) duing the terms of this Agreement, payable in full, in advance, at the time this Agreement is executed. The Station may pay a percentage of the total amount as a commission to the underwriting represenative assigned to the Merchant named above.

Broadcast Announcements

The Station will provide Merchant a copy of the broadcast announcement(s) and may revise, reject or terminate any such announcement(s) in order to maintain a good faith compliance with the relevant FCC rules and regulations.

Confirmation of Performance

At the conclusion of this contract term, the Station will provide Merchant with a written statement verifying the dates and times that each announcement was broadcast, including the total cost thereof.

Emergency Programming

The Station retains the right to interrupt or preempt any announcement covered by this Agreement at any time in case of emergency, or to broadcast other announcements or programs, if in its editorial discretion, to do so would best advance the Station's public interest responsibilities.

This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada and shall be performable in Clark County, Nevada.

This is the entire agreement of the parties in regard to these matters. There are no oral agreements existing between them.

The Station: (Merchant's Name):

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